August 26, 2011

The Window is Getting Smaller!

I am either days away from giving birth or no more than a week & a half away from giving birth!

The appt. went well. Amniotic fluid levels have not changed and are in the high normal range, baby is still head down, baby is active and my BP looks great. Then there is "the dreaded check"...He told me I was 1cm and definitely thinning.

I am to come back next Wednesday for my 39w check up. If I am at 3cm, he will put me in for an induction that night. If I am not a 3 yet, he will schedule me for the following Wednesday. On top of that, he is on call for all of the Labor Day weekend if I happen to go into labor then.

I have given birth 4 times. Each time I have not gotten to 3cm until hours into labor and then I go from 3-10cm  rather quickly. So, knowing that, I am focusing on the after Labor Day date. Though, I will let you all vote if you'd like! Remember, the earliest I have gone into labor with any of my kiddos has been 41wks 3days.

It just is so amazing we are finally here! We will actually hold our little one so very soon!


  1. I didn't vote because I have no idea!!! But I just wanted to say HI and that OMG we are SO CLOSE!!!

  2. So exciting! I can't wait to "meet" Mudpuppy! Maybe you will go into labor on Labor Day~ that would be appropriate~!

  3. Shannon, I'm so so happy for you! What a special week. What a miracle! Praying for a safe passage for your sweet little one and you.


  4. WOW! Time has really flown! Can't wait to hear your news :)


  5. "Labor Day"...oh, the irony! :)

  6. i cannot wait for the next post announcing the birth of that miracle!!!

  7. I'm so excited for you Shannon! Sorry I have not been in touch with you! Thinking and praying for you and your little miracle! Sending you my love!

  8. This is so exciting!! I know EXACTLY what you mean about going into labor late and really wanting to wait for your body to do the work-- I had very similar experiences! It is also exciting because this is where I was 5 years ago right around this time of year (my Timothy came Sept 6th, but I kept wondering about the days surrounding labor day...). Can't wait for news!

  9. Sorry Shannon-- that last comment was mine! I didn't realize my husband was signed in :)


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