June 10, 2011

Last Minute Appointment with the High Risk OB

Well, I was calling the high risk OB's office of Dr. S this morning to schedule my 3rd trimester follow up appointment. The receptionist was so super nice, put me on hold, and when she returned said that I was supposed to be coming to see Dr. S every month and I hadn't been to their office since March. She did not know where the mix up happened, as I thought I wasn't supposed to return until sometime during my 3rd trimester. The receptionist, continued and asked if I could come in today and they would squeeze me in. "Uh, okay?, sure."

Well, everything turned out to be fine and the office staff and Dr. S was sorry if they alarmed me. It was such a blessing to see our little one, well, big one as I will explain in a moment. I wish Rhea could have made it, but with the last minute appointment, there was no way for Rhea to rearrange his schedule. I had the same technician as last time and she was wonderful. I dread ultrasound appointments like most people dread going to the dentist. I let fear seep in and have to fight it off with a stick. It is a constant battle I am afraid. The Lord is gracious and I know that as I release those fears to Him, my sanctification process continues its path.

Dr. S said we have a very healthy baby, in full breech position (which explains the heartburn and painful kicks down below) who happens to be measuring over 2 weeks ahead of schedule. She also said the baby is over 3 1/2 pounds (I am only 27w 5d)! Oh, and Dr. S happened to throw out too that the baby had a big head. Oh my! She checked my labs that I had run at my regular OB's office this past Wednesday and she was expecting to see that I had failed my glucose test as that could account for the larger baby size, but no, I passed my glucose test! My thyroid panel was all within range, my iron was low, but I expected that. As my sister mentioned this afternoon, I probably won't be needing the XS cloth diapers I purchased.

I go back to see Dr. S in 4 weeks. She did say that I would not be going past 39 weeks. Now with a big baby, I am thinking maybe that sounds like a good idea? ; )
I see my regular OB in 2 weeks. I can't believe we are getting so much closer!

Oh, I guess you would like to see a pic or 2 of Mudpuppy? He/she was VERY wiggly today, so the pictures are blurry, but you can see the cute little nose and hand up by the face in the first one. The blob to the left of the face is the other arm.

It has been a blessing too, to see so many EA babies born this past week. Little lives out of the freezer, into the arms of their parents. Thank you Father!


  1. How wonderful are the ways of the Lord! Your "weak" "little" "fragile" embryo is now a big, strong, over-achieving baby! So marvelous that God is not a God of statistics and likelihoods.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! Wow that is a big baby. Mine is also in breech position and the doctor has also said she won't let me go past 39wks, which I'm also completely okay with.

  3. Awesome pictures! I can't believe he/she is so big already!

  4. What sweet pictures! So did you happen to sneak a peek?? =)

  5. so glad everything looked great! blessing for a fabulous third tri!

  6. You are moving right along - Lord willing, Mudpuppy will soon be in his parents' arms too!

  7. It's funny that you mentioned baby's nose because that was the first thing I noticed too-- it's such a CUTE little button nose!! How wonderful that all is going so well for you. Enjoy these last few weeks!

  8. Awww...thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful little one, Shannon! :)

    Glad you're both doing ok!

  9. Absolutely Beautiful! How exciting! Thanks again for everything! Wish I could hug you in person!


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