May 9, 2011

23 weeks & our family

The last month has flown by, but then it hasn't. We have been up to all kinds of things! In the last 4 weeks:
  • D-man turned 16 & BooBear turned 11
  • My grandmother died
  • My sister and her boys came to visit
  • We went to Dallas for my grandmother's memorial service
  • D-man had a rough month with his Lyme Disease
  • D-man has had a great last few days with his Lyme Disease
  • I have felt like I have been on the computer WAY too much
  • I have been on the computer, but it allowed me to be caught up on all the taxes and paperwork for the business.
  • I found a changing table on Craigsl*st
  • I need to find a crib, twin bed for PookieBear, and a chest for D-man
  • I have only gained 7#. With PookieBear at this point I had gained 15# who knows?
  • I need to work out more (period!) using my new DVD (since I have only used it once)
  • I was BLESSED with a stroller, carseat combo from my sis, along with a bouncy seat, maternity clothes, a highchair, a swing, and lots of baby boy newborn clothes (if I have a boy).
  • I feel fantastic and am feeling the baby move a lot.
  • The baby gets hiccups FREQUENTLY! It is the strangest feeling
  • I continue to wonder where all the dirty laundry comes from? Does it hide somewhere? I thought I was caught up!
  • I sewed 2 maternity skirts. They are cute and comfy.
  • I am working on a sundress for PookieBear next
  • BooBear had 10 inches cut off her hair today to donate to Locks of Love.
  • D-man starts 2 online summer school courses next week.
  • We are now official iPh*ne owners (with kids who thankfully program them for us)
  • Rhea's business is picking up like crazy! Thank you Lord!
  • We decided we would do a vegetable garden this year after all. We had 2 last year and were not going to do one, but the kiddos all want to do one, so better late than never!
  • I have been TOTALLY enjoying my gardenias & roses that are blooming!
  • Our dog is destined to be an outside dog if he keeps going to the neighbor's property to roll in horse poop
  • Leevster & BooBear continue to take ASL classes and L-O-V-E it! 
  • BooBear is still taking weekly sewing lessons and is learning so much
  • the older 3 kiddos had their spring piano recital last week
  • My kids are into watching the old Roy Rogers episodes right now and BooBear is starting to "talk" like Dale Evans. Yee-Haw!
  • Our Tahoe may not make it through the summer without some major TLC. hmmm....
  • Nesting has begun--tomorrow? PookieBear's closet!!
  • Cravings? strangely! Also, a big bowl of cereal before bedtime'
  • I have my next appt with the OB on Wednesday. 
  • Mudpuppy is so amazing to us. He/she is such a testimony to God's faithfulness and providence. We still reflect on the fact that this little tiny one was conceived under a microscope in March of 1999, was frozen for nearly 12 years, transferred by a doctor to my womb, and is kicking me as I type this. Truly AMAZING!
I have pics of some of the above bullet points to share. I will post those with my doctor's appt update later this week. Love to all of you!!


  1. You have been busy!! I've been checking your blog frequently to see if there is anything from you, so glad to hear all is well. I'm SO sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother-- strange and wonderful to be celebrating life in all different stages.
    Be blessed,

  2. Great news Shannon! Wonderful to hear an update!

  3. Great update! Been thinking about how you all were doing!

  4. Shannon, what a busy month! I didn't know that you sew. Where is your daughter taking classes? What a blessing your baby is and great to hear how everything is coming together as you prepare for the upcoming birth!

  5. It's so good to hear from you, only, now I'm tired from reading all that you've been doing! I loved your last paragraph. God has truly blessed us!

  6. phew! you have had quite a busy time! so sorry to hear about your grandma. ; ( did i miss something -- are you not finding out gender?

  7. So glad you all are well. I've been wondering about you! So sorry to hear about your grandma, God bless you guys.

  8. Thanks for the update. Sounds like your family has been very busy! :)

  9. GREAT to read an update! sorry about your grandma and D's month, but glad he is feeling better. i will pray it continues!

    can't wait to read your embryo post.

  10. Good to hear an update from you! Hope your son continues to feel better! SO excited to meet Mudpuppy!

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Shannon, but glad to hear that everything else is going well for you and your family! :)

  12. Hi Shannon..My--Now THAT's a newsy update! You've beat me I think! Thanks so much for leaving the sweet comments about Jacob and Matthew. I really appreciate the prayers. I talked to Matthew and he is still able to use his satellite phone. Thank goodness.

    They went to do their dangerous 'mission' and the whole camp was abandoned! PTL! Matthew said they must have heard the Marines were coming. God is so good!

    I can't believe D is 16!! Oh my! How exciting. So I guess he's the same age as Christian. Christian will be doing dual credit next year too.

    How wonderful that the baby is doing so well. Just amazing!

    I'm really sorry about your Grandmother. And the lyme disease. What a trial! We'll be praying for you all too.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother passing away. Congrats on getting the skirts done. I'm hoping to have my tutorial up for turning regular skirts into maternity skirts soon. Come by and check in a week or two. In my last pregnancy, my baby was constantly getting the hiccups. Hasn't happened in this one yet, but I'm sure it will. My recent craving has been milk. I never drink milk except for rice milk.


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