May 26, 2011

100 Days to Go & What I Have Been Sewing

Tomorrow marks 100 days until our due date! However, we already know that I will be having the baby sometime between mid and late August, so really we are closer than that for our baby's birthday!!

BooBear and I enjoy sewing together (we are learning together and are both very GREEN beginners). We especially like to sew gifts for others when we have the opportunity. A friend of ours recently had a baby and I decided to sew some cloth wipes for the family. BooBear usually helps me, but she is busy sewing her little sister's swimsuit to match hers that she recently finished. I will post pics of them together after Pookie's suit is completed.

So, while BooBear was working on her project, I made these cloth wipes. My sister uses cloth diapers for her son and these are her favorite kind. I am not sure if this mother is using cloth diapers, but these cloths make great washcloths too.

First, I started with basic flannel, though I use decorative flannel when I can find it on a great sale.  I also use terry cloth. The idea is to have a large square 9" x 9" with one side with soft flannel and one side with terry (for those stubborn diaper changes). This is a large wipe that most daddies will appreciate and you can use one side, fold and use, and fold again, for a single diaper change. My sis keeps hers folded in a wipe warmer with a little bit of water and essential oils.

I cut my squares, matched right sides together, used a straight stitch, left an opening, trimmed excess fabric off seams and corners, turned the wipe right side out, pressed wipe with iron, and used a decorative zig-zag stitch around the edges. 

I then bundle them with a ribbon, enclose a card and pop them in the mail. This set is going to a new baby boy. The ribbon above is really lavender, but it showed up pink in the photo for some reason? For gifts, I use brand new flannel and terry. For the wipes BooBear and I are making for our little one, we are using old receiving blankets and worn out hand towels. It was fun to do these yesterday. As I sewed, I prayed for the family who will receive these, for their newborn son, and thanked God for the blessing of new life and for Him filling His children's quivers!


  1. LOVE these! I might have to put in a special order of these for when My baby FINALLY arrives!

  2. that's how i make them too! they do make fantastic wash cloths as well! Very cute!

  3. So nice! We used to use cloth wipes too, just as you described with the wipe warmer. A perfect gift.

  4. What a great gift idea! I am jealous too of your sewing abilities!

  5. You make me laugh! I <3 you! :)


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