December 13, 2010

Short, Purple, Still So Bright...HOPE

This is one of Pookie's serious stares. She can be so lighthearted, silly, and funny. Other times she is intense, focused and serious. I have leaned a lot to the serious side the last few days. It could be I dread those PIO shots, I dread the upcoming Lovenox shots, or because I have so much to do before we leave on Thursday. Today was the toughest day yet. We even had to cancel plans for tonight that I had been looking forward to for weeks. This is all in God's hands though and I continue to pray through my To-Do list. Still, I am struggling for peace and calm these last few days.

When we lit the Advent candles tonight, the kids were concerned that our 1st purple candle was burning low and may not last to the end of Advent. I assured them we had more candles we could use. They told me that it wouldn't be the same and it needed to be shorter, but not burned up.  I sat and stared at the shortest purple candle glowing as it burned and my heart calmed-- it truly calmed as I reflected on the meaning that this little short burning low candle had to offer--Hope. There is great Hope. I am about to go do my dreaded PIO shot myself, but I am peaceful once again and calm and focusing on the bright light this short candle gives and the  Light of Hope that comforts my soul. Thank you Jesus!


  1. i had forgotten that the purple candle means hope. i love it. we have got to do an advent wreath next year!

    will pray that you are covered in His peace.

  2. Don't let all the details and busyness distract you from the peace that Jesus offers! You can do this, just take it step by step. Praying for you!

  3. HE is the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  4. THanks everyone! I am focusing on Jesus and resting in His peace that fills me as I know that He has brought us to this very place. : ) Thanks again for your continued support!


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