December 20, 2010

Last Day of Bed Rest

I'm still here : ) The hotel where we are staying charges quite a bit for internet in our room, but since I have been a VERY good patient and have stayed in bed, Rhea gave me internet for my last day of bed rest. So, wow, where do I start???

Well, first I am going to thank everyone for their prayers over the last week. I can tell you that your prayers were felt and appreciated by all of us. I have so much to share that has happened over the last few days, but until I can get to it all, know that seeing God work through each step has been humbling, joyful, strengthening, & truly peaceful.  There has been sadness as we grieve the loss of 3 of our adopted children & there has been great joy as 3 of our adopted children are snuggly in my womb.

I will share all of the journey from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning soon. I am journaling that and will share that when I finish it. Rhea and I are both forever changed by adopting and are honored to have traveled this road thus far. In the past, each time I think I "might" be pregnant, I count the days and am anxious to take a pregnancy test. This time around, I will wait until the agreed upon time Rhea and I set for me to take a hpt. I will be heartbroken if our babies do not live, however, I have great HOPE in Christ and He is my focus and first love.

The transfer went smoothly. They did not give me any pictures to take home of our babies, but when the embryologist brought them into the procedure room and put them into the incubator, she called Rhea over and the nurses helped me out of bed (I was on Valium by then) to go look through the microscope to see our babies. Rhea and I had tears in our eyes. Three of our precious little ones were alive and looking strong. I was escorted back to bed and as we waited for Dr. M., the embryologist told us that all three looked strong one was lagging behind a bit, but was continuing to develop. She said she prefers to grade them on a scale of A to C. She said that 2 of ours babies were A- and honestly I forgot the grade of our other baby. Truly, grades mean nothing to me. We have physically seen with our own eyes how God took the weakest to live and we know He can continue to grow these babies in my womb.

Medically, my estrogen came back a bit low on Friday, so the Dr. upped my estrogen patches to 6 from 4. Rhea will go by the clinic today to pick up some extra ones until I can have some more delivered by the pharmacy to my house. I go into the clinic tomorrow for another estrogen & progesterone blood draw. After that, back to Houston we go. Our beta blood test in on Monday the 27th a week from today! Rhea and I agreed that when I come home from getting my blood drawn that morning, I can come home and take a hpt.

I have been blessed to be a mother of 16! I have 4 in the other room finishing brunch, I have great hope that 9 are in heaven, and I have 3 in my womb. God is incredibly gracious. I am in awe.


  1. This just warms my heart. I cannot wait for you to have a Christmas miracle!

  2. It's so amazing to me the way that God works, choosing the ones no one thought had a chance to grow strong for transfer.

    I think waiting until after you get home from your blood draw is a good idea. After my first test at 5dpt, I waited until after my blood draw to test again, and I'm glad I did. I think if I got a negative right before the blood draw, it would have been difficult to go in to the lab knowing it would probably be negative. But I did want to know what the result was so I could prepare myself for the phone call. Not that hearing the official results was easy, but knowing what was coming made it not a much of a shock.

    All that said, I am hoping and praying that your result is POSITIVE and that you will be meeting these little ones face to face 9ish months from now!!!

  3. I absolutely love the the story God is writing for your family! I'm amazed at how these babies not only survived, but were thriving prior to transfer - what a testimony to God's power and confirmation that He does answer prayers!

  4. Great to heart from you, Shannon! I've been waiting to see how things are unfolding and sounds like all is well! Continue to rest and enjoy this magical season!

  5. I'm so excited to be able to share this journey with you! Continuing to lift your family and your tiny babies up in prayer!

  6. Such JOYOUS news, Shannon!! You know I HAD to check your blog for an update! GROW BABIES, GROW!!

  7. So happy for you!! Been thinking and praying for you!!

  8. Oh my goodness....this just fills my heart with grace and love,

    praying for continued blessings, good health and strength for you all.

  9. What a wonderful update!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers!! I will continue to pray that your three miracles are safe and growing inside your womb!!

    Can't wait for the upcoming news!!


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