October 5, 2010

It's Time for a Garage Sale

The news that we would need more money to move forward, was but a mere speed bump to my husband. I am the one who approaches speed bumps in a parking lot cautiously and goes over them slowly and then there is Rhea : ) While I am still determining if I need to slow down anymore before going over the speed bump, Rhea has hit it into 4-wheel drive and moved on down the road.

Saturday, Rhea & the boys went to our storeroom. It is a place where our business and our personal stuff mix. It has needed a good "reality" check for quite some time. Well, with the weather cooled down in Texas, our store room got a good fall cleaning. We have stuff to bring back to the house for the garage sale we will be hosting in a couple of weekends. In the past, God has provided as we have raised $400 - $500 at our sales, but this time we are praying for even bigger numbers!

We know of those who have recently adopted or are in the process of adopting who have raised $2500 - $4500 in a weekend. I am praying big. Our babies are in a freezer and the agency is waiting on the word (and check) to transport our babies to Dallas. Our clinic is waiting on my autoimmune testing results, but says that we can plan for a December transfer no matter the results.

Rhea and I have crunched numbers and are gearing up for another round of items to go up on e-bay & preparing for a yard sale weekend after next. The kiddos are diligently focused in our studies this week so they can help organize for the sale next week. If you are local and have ANYTHING you would like to donate, please contact us.

Indeedthe LORD will give what is good, And our land will yield its produce Righteousness willgo before Him And will make His footsteps into a way. Ps 85:12,13 (NASB)


  1. Praying for a successful garage sale!

  2. will be praying for a HUGE success. can people from your church donate large items for you?

  3. PRAYING for a success for sale:) I know several people who have done yard sales for adoptions and they put that in the advertisement- don't know if it something you all want to do but just a thought! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
    Also wanted to let you know I have nominated you for "One Lovely Blog Award!"

  4. God can do ANYTHING!! We had a garage sale to pay the attorney fees to adopt our second daughter, Addison. No big items and believe it or not we nickle and dimed it all day long and came up with exactly the amount needed. Praying the Lord blesses your sale as well and brings home your babies soon.

  5. Hi Shannon! It sounds like you are well on your way! God is so good to provide. A few years ago, we had an 'adoption yard sale.' A friend of mine stopped by. She didn't buy anything, but later that evening, she and her husband came to our house and gave us a check for $1000.00! I know that God is working out provision for you, as you endeavor to follow his lead.
    Thank you too, for the 'One Lovely Blog' award. I've been so busy these past few days that I haven't acknowledged your kindness. It is encouraging to know that my experience is helping others.

  6. Shannon, I happen to know a thing or two about garage sales...wink, wink. We have some things for you and I'm getting more donations for you. Give me a call. Let's talk.


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