September 29, 2010

2 Answered Prayers-#1 yes & #2 not yet

I had pictures to post, but our Dallas trip became more expensive as I dropped my Canon SLR and now it won't turn on. : (  My mind is swimming full of new information, a new to-do list, and at the same time, the urging from the Holy Spirit to slow down, stop, pray and spend some extra time in His Word. So, this I did and this is why I did not post an update after we returned from Dallas. 

Rhea and I had a nice trip. The weather has been fabulous here in Houston and equally gorgeous in Dallas. We stayed in the Sher*ton Downtown and that put us 5 minutes away from the clinic. We ate at El Fen*x downtown for some yummy tex-mex Monday night and were up bright and early for our 9:00 a.m. appt. with Dr. M. 

The consultation time was relaxed, informative, and Dr. M truly had a focused, but positive approach to our situation. Though I never asked if he was a Christian or not, he made several statements to let us know that he believed that embryos are human beings. He also told us how important the embryo donation/adoption programs are needed in our country right now. 

After reviewing the situation with our 5 little ones, he did say that we have received the correct information that our 4 who are in the morula stage are not likely to survive the thawing process. He quickly added though that he is hopeful because he has seen time and time again in his practice where what the lab charts consider a non-vaible embryo, the result is actually a live birth. Dr. M also reminded us that we have our 1 blast that was of a group of 4. Of the group of 4, 3 were thawed, one survived the thaw and the one that was transferred resulted in a live birth. (this was from the 1st adoptive family of the 8 embryos).  So, Dr. M feels good about moving forward. 

I had a great check-up. Dr. M did the trial transfer, sono-hysterogram, and then I gave the clinic 8 large vials of blood. So much so, that she could only draw 6 vials from my left arm and then had to switch to my right arm for the final two vials!--fun!  

So, answered prayer #1, we have a GREAT doctor and clinic. This is where we need to be. I am at peace. Rhea liked him better than Dr. S in Houston. Though I loved the Houston clinic, I now know, that it was surface "kindness" they showed at the Houston clinic while I was there. They still have not returned my calls or sent my records to Dallas. Dr. M is more experienced, more educated, and told us he finds the RE specialty "fascinating" after all these years. We are excited we are with Dr. M.

The prayer for us to be able to have the FET soon? The answer is "not yet". Dr. M says I am ready to go and that there is not one auto-immune issue that will hinder us having the FET. However, he had to run many tests to determine why I have had 6 miscarriages with 4 of those being in the last 21 months. I have an auto-immune history as well. These tests are expensive and we left his office yesterday having to pay $2250 for all office appts/procedures & blood work. 

This payment was a curve ball to both Rhea and I. Dr. M will not start the next round of meds until the embryos are in his clinic. We cannot have them transported until we pay our last payment to the agency of $3500. The $2250 yesterday, pulled into the $3500 we had ready to send to the agency. We were preparing for the next 2 Dallas trips plus the FET fee. Now, we are backing up a bit and will need to slow down. 

If we are to start this next month on meds to prepare for a November transfer as originally planned, the embryos need to be in Dallas by next week. If not, we are looking at everything getting pushed back. We have always known it is all in God's timing and it is very important to make sure my body is not attacking a pregnancy, but our hearts did drop a bit. We are gearing up for a BIG garage sale in mid-October and we will pray that the grant we applied for comes through. Please pray for financial provision & my RIP/ETA/NKA tests to be negative. We are so close to the end, though, we will be patient and wait on the Lord's timing. We wouldn't want this to play out any other way!


  1. What a whirlwind of emotions! thank you for sharing all of this with us! I am praying believing that God has you on this road for a reason. Sweet friend, He has you cupped in the palm of His hand. If you look back to Exodus, God leads His chosen people through the wilderness, and not necessarily through the shorter, easier way. It is in the wilderness that we witness miracles because we are required to Trust Him.

  2. Praise God the appointment went so well! Praying for you for financial provision! It will all come in the right time, I'm confident!

  3. I'm so glad you had a great appointment! And I'm sure it's frustrating to think things could be pushed back - I hope that doesn't happen. But I truly believe that God knows when your body will be best for those embryos!

  4. I'm glad you are now at the right clinic! I'm glad that you will be able to move forward. I feel for you in waiting for God's timing, but know that in the scheme of things it won't be that long! Many hugs and prayers!

  5. Wow! At least the new doctor sounds like he's very thorough. I know what you mean though, those lab tests are expensive! Praying for God to bring the finances exactly when you need them.

  6. God will provide. God Bless your "journey"!

  7. Thank you for keeping us updated and please know I am sending my thoughts & prayers.

    You continue to show remarkable courage, grace and faith!

  8. How wonderful to have such a good doctor Shannon. And how difficult it must be not to get discouraged through the set backs. We will pray for provision.

    We have an offer on Dad's house just as we were about to run out of money...and a hospital insurance company of Dad's is giving us a 9 month refund and will be paying us for all of Dad's hospital stays while I was with him. I just have to fill out all the claims.

    I was beginning to give up hope too, but the Lord was in control all of the time.

    I'll pray!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  9. Shannon,

    WOW! Sounds good! Sounds like your doctor is good! He's checking everything out to give you your best chance. I had to cancel an entire cycle and have a surgery but my Dr. knew best and I now have my precious Blakely but the waiting STUNK! God certainly knows what he is doing and knows just what is best for you!



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