August 18, 2010

Free Pregnancy Planner

Here is a FREEBIE for us EA gals!!

It's a bright and cheery pregnancy planner for FREE!

The website says:

If you are pregnant or planning to be the NEW HealthyWomenPregnancy Planner is just right for you. Use its colorful, easy-to-read pages to help prepare you for each trimester and for when Baby comes home! The 48-page planner includes a 10-month calendar section to record checkups and other notes. Plus, order the Flu-Free and a Mom-to-Be card, offering easy-to-understand flu facts and prevention strategies.

Let me know if you get it!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love freebies!!!

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  3. That's exciting Shannon. I don't think Ebeth needs it though..she's about to have our newest grandson! Very soon!

    Thanks for dropping by the other day. :o)


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