August 9, 2010

EA: Prayer for Embryologists & Your FET

There are many of you getting ready to go through an FET, others who are in the waiting phase and other who are pregnant (praise God). Let's pray this week specifically for each embryologist who will be handling our precious ones. Please pray:
  • first for the strength and health of each embryo
  • for the embryologist's focus as he carefully thaws each little living life
  • for the wisdom that only God can give to the embryologist in handling challenges during the thawing process
  • for the embryologist's heart to be moved supernaturally to recognize God's mighty hand in the little lives he is handling
Please leave a comment if you are willing to pray this week with me and/or if you have a specific FET date we can mark on our calendars to pray. Let's remember to pray specifically the day before FETs as some embryos are thawed the night before an FET. Thank you for joining me!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I will join you in prayer. :-)

  2. Wow, its very touching to think of these specific things to pray for. I'm in! And, I'll be back when I have my next FET date!

  3. What an honor to pray with you; for all you have requested.

    I hope it's okay to add one suggestion. As someone who has battled with an Embryologist for the life of my babies, I wanted to let you know that you can ask/demand that all embryos be transferred, even the ones that come out of the freeze with only one living cell. FET babies have been born full-term, even when only one cell was present after the thaw. Most Embryologists will discard these embryos; viewing them as not viable, when the reality is they can be viable. No one will know unless they are given a chance. Unless an Embryo has completely arrested and all cells have ceased to thrive; it still has a chance.

    Just keep in mind that you have the ultimate say; not the Embryologist. He works for you.

    Hope that's okay to point out. A lot of people aren't aware of this.

    Blessings - Sheila

  4. Hi Sheila,

    EXCELLENT point. Yes, I did know that discarding due to viability concerns can (and does) happen. A friend told me to make SURE that our RE/embryologist know that we want all embryos transferred unless they know without a shadow of a doubt that life that the embryo's life has ceased. I was also advised that this info should be written into the FET contract with the clinic.

    Trust embryologist and I have talked at g.r.e.a.t length on so much...but I willsave that for another post! Thank you again Sheila for piping in. Your input is appreciated.

  5. Definitely praying with you! What a great idea!
    FYI- we were told that blasts are thawed the morning of the transfer, multicells the day before and 2 PN's are thawed 2 days before transfer.
    Still don't have a transfer date yet but will let you know!

  6. Ashley, Yes, I have been told I will have 4 thawed the night before and our one blast the morning of. KUP!


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