June 7, 2010

Our Adoption Plans Announced (FINALLY!)

Well, what you see above are tiny embryos. Life. Babies. Children. They need families to help them finish growing. We are in the process of adopting embryos and are in the matching phase of the process currently with our agency. We have put together a profile which includes an autobiography of our family with photographs and a letter to the little ones' genetic parents.

The agency will now take our profile and send it to a family who have embryos they are wanting to adopt out to a family. Then the family is given time to pray and decide if we are the right family to adopt their precious ones.

Many of you have been with us through our entire adoption journey. From when we explored domestic adoption, began the process to adopt from Taiwan, and then China. We have been blessed to cross paths with so many of you through our adoption journey. Someone once told us that although we started out on one adoption path, not to be too terribly surprised if God has us adopt by a completely different avenue, even one we wouldn't have even imagined. Well, that friend was certainly correct.

When it was time to renew our homestudy, we had to make a decision whether or not to renew it for international or domestic adoption. We knew we would renew it because we wanted to keep ourselves available to God if He had another child planned for us. Also, our hearts still yearned to have a child through adoption. Upon going through old adoption files to retrieve information for the update, I ran across some old notes on Embryo Adoption through Nightlight Christian Adoptions. I wrote the information down almost two years ago and filed it and never really thought much about it.

I, then, took the information to Rhea and he looked at me and said, "Call the agency and let's get more information." After our initial phone call, research (there were lots of questions swimming in our heads), prayer and a visit with our pastor, Rhea and I both knew that to adopt these little ones was exactly where God was drawing us.

So, we are excited and now patiently waiting on God's timing in this next phase of the process. Please ask questions! I know we had plenty in the beginning. Rhea and I loved the book by Dr. Russell Moore, Adopted for Life. Please see this link to his article about Embryo Adoption(EA) for a Christian perspective on EA.We would appreciate your prayers as we travel this road to bring a child or children to our home!


  1. How exciting!!! Praying for you and your dh as you proceed with EA.

  2. Yay! So excited for you to be able to tell people your plans. This is an amazing journey! Is this your first adoption?

  3. WAHOO!!! So glad to have you as part of "the family!"

  4. Praying for you, Shannon!

  5. Well it's about time!!! LOL So glad you're sharing this with the blogging community. Praying for you!!!

  6. Wow! This is awesome....sooo exciting!!! I read about this a few years ago for the first time and my heart just ached. You guys are heros to me. My prayers will be fervent for you all through this process. Can't wait to see you again and hug your neck!!

  7. Yay - So glad that you were finally able to announce it! I can't wait until you guys get matched! :)

  8. So will you carry the child/children? or will the biological mother?
    Sounds very exciting. I've never heard about it, I'll have to do some reading. :-)

  9. wow - AMAZING! boy, that was a surprise, too. i was wondering if the baby was going to be from Ethiopia given your comment on the tangle teaser on my blog. i am so excited for you!


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