May 29, 2010

Baseball Caps?

God continues to bless our fundraising efforts for our upcoming adoption! Rhea had a couple of baseball caps from an A/V company he worked for 10 years ago. He told me to put them on eBay as he thought they would be worth something. Uh, I'd say so! Here is hat#1 and here is hat #2.

We need to mail the agency another check on Tuesday and the Lord continues to provide!


  1. How awesome!!! Amazing to God provide!

  2. Wow - That's great! God is so kind to us, isn't He? :)

  3. That's amazing. People often dismiss our agency because of the cost, and I am always trying to encourage people that if this is where He's called you, He will provide the means to do it. It's wonderful to see how creatively He does it, too!

  4. Ok, you've got to start posting more details. I'm not on much lately and by the time I get over here, all I ever see on the link is that the auction closed but no details.

    Even without details, I'm grateful that God is providing for you guys!

  5. I'm so glad things are going so well for you Shannon! Praying for even better news soon!

    Love the photos--they are beautiful!

  6. You just never ever know what something might be valued at!! Yahoo!!

    So glad to peek back at all the good news!! :) Can't wait to read the next bit of good news too!!

  7. Christi- Of these 2 hats, one sold for $74.50 & one for $73! We are thrilled! Now I have up a Beginner's BIble VHS lot that is at $60 right now!


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