April 1, 2009

A Setback Anyone?

The e-mail we sent to our agency today:

Dear M,

I am writing to inform you that our HS rough draft will not arrive to your office today as originally discussed. We were informed yesterday that one thing had been overlooked when gathering the needed paperwork. Rhea's child abuse clearance was not obtained from Colorado. We will have the necessary paperwork needed to complete this request Thursday from our SW's office. After obtaining the forms, Rhea will fill them out, sign, get them notarized, enclose a $30 cashier's check and mail it all to Colorado.

We have been told that the turn around time will be 4 weeks. Once our SW receives the completed clearance, she will update the rough draft and submit the HS to you for approval.

Best regards,
Rhea & Shannon


  1. Sorry for the blip:-(...Just try to remember everything is happening in His timing....He'll get you where you need to be when the time is right.

    Sending hugs!

  2. Oh I know it is HIS timing alone with HIS perfect Plan! I knew there would be setbacks : ) Thank you for the encouragement Tami!

  3. I am so sorry ! Believe me, It took our HS forever to be completed. I am waiting with you - sometimes patiently and sometimes not !

  4. It always seems something delays things! Hang in there friend :)

    Noah's mama

  5. I think we've all hit bumps in the road a one point or another in our journeya. It's either in preparation for the road ahead, or be grateful you're hitting your bumps now and getting them out of the way - after all, in the world of adoption, it's inevitable. Hang in there - when I read four weeks, my heart sank for you. Just remember, in His timing. Because of this set back, you are one step closer to the child He has planned for your family. When one door closes, He always opens another.

  6. No! NO! NO! I'm having a tantrum for you... while I know this is for a reason, of ALL THINGS that could have been overlooked! Those clearances are such a pain. I hope and pray the results come back MUCH faster. I'm so sorry.

  7. hey shannon,
    we are having set back after set back as well, so i can relate, sista! it WILL happen and like tami said, it will happen in God's time!

  8. Rats! I'm sorry, but you'll see- it's all leading up to the perfect child chosen just for you ending up in your home! I hate the pain of waiting for you, though. This is tough stuff.

  9. bummer!!!! but cute photo!

  10. These setbacks will seem like nothing eventually and you'll know each one was part of the path you needed to take to find your child. Still, I hope your setbacks are few from here on out. :-)



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