March 1, 2009

Give1Save1 Video

Edited 1/5/13:

For those of you who missed it this Christmas here is the video that our boys and their friends put together to give as a gift of love to their tiny siblings we are adopting. The Give1 Save1 charity website chose the video to run 2 weeks in December. The generosity of the viewers and readers brought our family close to $900! Our adoption is finalized and we need $4,000 in order to proceed with shipping of the embryos to the clinic, the doctor's fees and airline tickets for two trips. We are scheduled to go for our first appt in February and the Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure to bring our little ones "home" in March. These dates may have to be postponed, but we are still hopeful that we will be traveling next month.

Click HERE for the video link, read about what the Give1 Save1 shared about our family if you wish, scan down to the video (you will see a star), click there and watch! If you would like to donate to help bring our babies home, return to our blog main page HERE and click the donate button on the left hand side bar. Every $1 helps us reach our goal.

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