December 10, 2008

Snow and We're at 43%

Can you believe it? It snowed here in Houston today! It snowed all around Houston (which is where we are). It RARELY snows here. In fact, I have lived in and around Houston for over 30 years quite awhile. I can count the times I have seen snow here on one hand. This time, we got a pretty good dusting. Pictures you ask? Where are they? I took some, my son took some and none of them came out. I must not have adjusted my settings back from when I was playing around on manual the other day. I will play around with post processing and see what I can do.

WOW! in 24 hours our Gift Card Giveaway total has brought us to 43%! God is good and he is showing us his goodness through family, friends, and people we don't even know.

Finally, we have really, really, good news. We have sent in an application to an agency we really wanted to work with even back when we were looking to adopt from Taiwan. Yes, we sent in an app and were going to go with another agency, but after we signed, things changed. We will leave it there. Rhea and I prayed and pulled out our massive, disorganized mound of paper adoption research file from months past. I found a checklist where I checked off answers from agencies to questions we had. Uh-oh, I saw where I didn't call back one of the favorite agencies! I thought they were off our list and wouldn't work with us? Oh well, maybe I need a dossier preparation coordinator nap or chocolate or coffee...

So, all of that to let you know we have sent our app and app fee to Marci at ASIA! We are super excited!


  1. Hey Chickadee! Glad the fundraiser is going well! LOVE that yall got snow! We have no snow but it is cold cold! High was 40 here today!!!!! That is rare! Glad you were able to work with an agency you wanted too! I REMEMBER how excited I was when we began with heartsent! THE BEST decision we ever made! They were amazing! I can't wait to hear all about how things go with yall there :)

    Noah's mama

  2. That is very exciting! I'm so glad you stumbled upon a gem in your mound, I mean file!

    Yea for snow. Ya'll were colder than us yesterday. Of course, that has reversed paths back to normal today, but still! Leah can no longer say "no, (s)now in Texas".

  3. The snow brought good news & progress then with it! Yay!
    So tickled to hear that you are moving forward and that the fundraiser is a success. So well deserved!
    Lisa C.

  4. So glad you have submitted your application, and are at 43% in your Fundraiser! You deserve a nap and chocolate!

  5. congratulations!

    our dossier prep has been pretty chaotic as well. we've encountered a few issues with our homestudy. just when i thought we were good to go, we found a typo on my birthday! we're going to tackle it after the holidays!


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