November 3, 2008

No News Yet

Okay, I know one of the fruits of the Spirit is patience, but, oh my, is He giving me a training session on how to be patient! I haven't heard a thing back from the different agencies. I know they would call if they had answers for us. So, we have been praying and praying some more. We are also looking into domestic adoption again. We really have a heart for children with SN. We are torn and we know God will show us His plan in His time. The above pic is from our CO trip. The kids woke up on 10/12 to a winter scene. It all melted by the late afternoon, but in the meantime, our kiddos played and played!


  1. I believe that the cultivation of true patience is one of the primary gifts God grants to us through the process of adoption aside from actual children. I thought I was a patient person before we started down the adoption road. Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It is truly funny that I ever thought such a haughty thing of myself! He quickly made it very clear that I am a restless, untrusting sinner through and through. And oddly enough, that freed me to learn about REAL patience. HIS brand of longsuffering is not the same as mine. I think this is especially hard for us Americans, who are accustomed to getting what we want when we want it... I'm praying He will strengthen and encourage you! I can't wait to see the next addition to your lovely family.

  2. Patience is a hard lesson and one I struggled with waiting for Gracyn to come home to us. I admire your strength, your control, your amazing way of trusting Him, and opening your heart and minds to other paths that He is ready to lead you down. Praying for peace in your hearts, answers to your questions for they will lead you to your new journey, and strength to endure the unknowns and days full of "no news" - Lifting you up!

  3. Oh, I was hoping you had heard the news you are so anxiously waiting for! I will absolutely keep checking back, but I do know that no matter what path you ultimately walk down, it WILL lead you to the right child for your family.
    Thinking of you,
    Lisa C.

  4. OH hon! I so hope and pray that your news comes quickly. I post this alot but really when you least expect it and the wait seems harder than ever is when God gives you that call you need and long for so very much! Take from someone on round 2.. it is always when time is hardest for you. A song that helped me so much during our adoption was "No one else knows" by Building 249.. check it out.. I think it will help with that patience!!

    Sarah k

  5. Patience is so hard!!! But you will need LOTS OF IT to get through this process!!!! No matter which route you go - you're tested at every turn. Praying for you honey!



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