September 30, 2008

Our View

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Here are the views from the windows in the house where we are staying. We are here on business and we are staying in the client's 9000 sq ft home. While Rhea works we are doing school and playing outside. PookieBear is doing so much better. She finally smiled for the first time since we have been here.

One of my favorite adoption blogs had a great post today on mothers. She (Tiffani) recently came home with her toddler girl from Taiwan. Gracyn is an adorable cutie. Tiffani is a wonderful Christian mom who is transparent in all of her daily ups & downs in the life of a mom of a newly adopted toddler. She is an encouragement to many!

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  1. Hi - WHAT AN AMAZING VIEW! Something only He could have created, huh? I don't mind that you've linked our site to yours. I will do the same with you if you don't mind! You are one dedicated Christian mother yourself. I am learning how to be a mom to 2 and could a learn a lot from you! Blessings, Tiffanie

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